Our clients are industry leaders, disruptors, and bold founders who aren’t afraid to forge their own path to success. They are ambitious, passionate, badass, and busy AF. Which means that even when they understand how to market their brand, it’s the “finding the time and energy to actually sit down and do it” part that often gets in the way.

At Sonder Social, we build for-life partnerships with our clients–stepping into their worlds to understand their business like the back of our hands and developing marketing strategies that help them blow their goals out of the water. We work with your best interest at heart at all times, and want nothing more than to see ambitious women win.

In other words? We work with the “it girls” of the business world.

"Two marketing degrees & 6+ years in corporate marketing are the boring part of my story…..

…because even though I cut my teeth in the high-stakes, high-pressure corporate digital marketing space, and spent the first chunk of my career eagerly climbing the corporate ladder, I always knew that there was more to life than getting scolded every single day by stuffy old men. Day in and day out, my ideas were invalidated and my voice was muffled. Even though I’m insanely f*cking good at what I do, it just didn’t matter.

When I was laid off from my position as a Social Media Manager for a major company in 2020, I stepped (well, more like free-fell) off the corporate ladder for good. And I set off to create a space where women’s voices are not only heard, but they’re celebrated and honored. I wanted to build a business that helped women share their stories after being shut out in the male-dominated business space.

Oh, and have massive multi-channel launches, organically attract dream clientele on the daily, and make a f*ck ton of money, too. That definitely doesn’t hurt."

A message from Sonder Social founder, Kalee Murrin

We didn’t just wake up one day and decide to start a digital marketing agency.

We put in the work, learned from the best, and turned our experience into a signature multi-channel marketing framework that allows us to support your brand as you continue to grow, shift, and step into your role as an industry disruptor.

The digital marketing industry has turned boring, impersonal, and watered down. Which is why we’re committed to helping our brands serve up personality with a side of storytelling and strategic impact.

Hands-on, holistic marketing management for six and seven-figure founders. Our signature approach to digital marketing strategy combines buyer psychology, storytelling, and personality to make your audience feel at home with your brand.


Done-with-you multi-channel marketing strategy for entrepreneurs who can handle their content creation in-house, but know that they need a solid, strategic approach to marketing in order to scale to their next level of business.